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Trailer, Press & Videos



Tottenham is a very diverse and creative area and has been placed on the map from the 2011 London riots.

We film The new Tottenham, from all aspects, we are giving way to all areas, where most film makers wouldn’t dare, from social issues, council estate teenagers with hopes and dreams, will they stay away from violence, to the positive of the new breed, artists, clubs, bars and restaurants. What is local people’s take on the area and how they visualise the changing area. We give a voice to two different people living in the same area with completely different views of  the area. We film this along with the launch of the football season.

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Our Vision…

Being a Tottenham resident, Tottenham has played a big part in my life. It has such a diverse set of people, with many different ethnies. It is one of the most interesting places in the country.

As a film director, I would like to make a film about this great area. Since the riots Tottenham has changed for the better Attitude, business, restaurants and bars. It’s really an exciting time, and I feel this new emergence of people should be shown on camera. It’s an exciting time to grow up in this area that in the past it has had a bad reputation.

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Press Enquiries.

For all press enquiries, please get in touch via our contact form on the “Contact Us” page!

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