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Just a little about us


What we are up to…

We are currently making a social realist documentary about the area of Tottenham: the first in its style feature documentary on the area in anamorphic 4K format.


“Being a resident, Tottenham has played a big part in my life. It has such a diverse set of people, with many different ethnics. As a film director, I would like to encapture its spirit: attitude, creativity, social diversity (being challenged by gentrification).


Now is an exciting time, and I feel the emergence of new people should be shown on camera. We would meet people who are poor from single parent families, broken homes, to show their story which is very rarely told.


I feel they need a voice too.” Sean Reilly, Director


Where did it start…

Tottenham is a very interesting diverse area and has been placed on the map from the London riots in 2011.



We, as filmmakers, film The new Tottenham from all aspects. We are giving way to all areas, where most film makers wouldn’t dare, from violence through council estate teenagers (what are their hopes and dreams, will they stay away from crime?), to the positive of the new breed, artists, clubs, bars and restaurants owners.



What is their take on the area and how so they visualise the area. It is amazing to see so different people living in the same area with completely different views of  the area. We film this along with the launch of the football season.

Tottenham Tale Treatment:

From the aftermath of the riots, to the present day we show Tottenham in different variations. Being locals, we are aware of how varied the area is.

There is a fantastic new wave of people coming to Tottenham, great things are emerging from new business, to a great art scene, there are new nightclubs, food fairs and great new bars and restaurants. It really is a positive thing happening and we would love to film this new wave.

Moving on from there, we want to depict the people living in Tottenham, from story tellers, to boxers at the local gym, local poets and old Irish bars.

We would also like to capture the urban feel of the area, from the streets, street art, old pictures and an animation of the local ghost story based on a young woman in Bruce castle park.

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